Understanding Stickley Furniture Prices: Quality, Design, and Value


We, at [Your Company Name], delve deeper into the world of premium furnishings, particularly focussing on Stickley Furniture. With its rich history and high-end design connotations, Stickley Furniture has become a keyword synonymous with opulent living spaces. In our comprehensive discussion, we will explore various facets of Stickley Furniture Prices, giving you an insightful perspective on the value you receive.

The Substantial Pedigree of Stickley Furniture

Founded in 1900, Stickley Furniture represents more than a century of top-notch American craftsmanship. From the initial vision of Gustav Stickley to the present-day operations, the commitment to creating outstanding furniture pieces is unwavering. This dedication reflects in every piece they design, catalyzing the high prices of Stickley Furniture. What you invest in is the craft’s legacy, ensuring that each penny spent delivers unmatched value.

Key Elements Impacting Stickley Furniture Prices

1. Materials

Whether it’s their famed Mission Oak Furniture or the intricate Harvey Ellis Collection, high-quality materials are at the heart of Stickley designs. These materials do not come cheap, pushing the prices up. However, the longevity and robustness these offer assure that the cost balances out in the long run.

2. Craftsmanship

Stickley Furniture’s defining aspect is its artisanal touch. The meticulous attention to detail sets their pieces apart, reflecting in the pricing structure. The price you pay is directly proportional to the skill and effort put into each piece.


Design plays a vital role in determining the Stickley Furniture Prices. The unique blend of traditional designs with modern sensibilities creates timeless pieces. Embodying ageless beauty, these furnishings are worth the high price tag.

The Value Proposition: Stickley Furniture Prices vs. Quality

When assessing the price of Stickley Furniture, one must consider the unmatched quality offered. The furniture is a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. The enduring designs coupled with the unbending quality make it a worthwhile investment. The high prices are justified by the unparalleled usage experience offered over time.

Understanding the Stickley Furniture Prices: Collections and Cost

1. Mission Collection

Arguably the most renowned offering from Stickley Furniture, the Mission Collection is a celebration of simplistic elegance. The price range for this exquisite collection begins from $1,000 and goes upward depending on the pieces and the bespoke customizations desired.

2. Stickley Fine Upholstery

The prices for this luxurious collection vary depending on the intricacy of detail in design, quality of fabric, and size of the furniture piece. Prices can start from around $2,000 and can rise considerably for more elaborate designs.

3. Modern Collection

Representative of the iconic designs from the 20th century, the Modern Collection can be purchased from around $1,100 for smaller pieces. For larger furniture pieces such as wardrobes and beds, the prices are understandably higher.

Stickley Furniture Aftermarket: An Alternative to High Prices

Those deterred by high prices can opt for Stickley Furniture’s aftermarket alternatives. With careful research and verification, one can purchase used Stickley Furniture at a significantly lower price point without compromising on quality.


In conclusion, while the price of Stickley Furniture seems steep, an in-depth analysis reveals the value offered in return. The combination of superior materials, exceptional craftsmanship, sustained lineage, and enchanting designs make Stickley Furniture an intelligent investment for those seeking furnishings that rightly command a premium.

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